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Escape from Daily Stress with Water Features

Having your own retreat – one that reflects your personal style – is the best way to reduce your stress levels and escape from the daily grind. Turning your backyard into a retreat could be as simple as adding a water feature.

My experience with Signature Concrete Design was nothing short of outstanding. Matt from Allentown, PA

After all, what’s more soothing than water? It has a magical way of releasing stress, doesn’t it?


Whether you’re imagining a waterfall, a simple fountain, a pond, or even a stream, an outdoor water feature can be one of the most fascinating elements in your landscape. You don’t need a large space to experience the beauty a water feature can offer.

No matter what size space you have, Signature Landscape Design can create an aesthetically-appealing and practical water feature to accent your outdoor living space. You may have an area of your yard that is always muddy. We can turn that into a lily or koi pond.

You may want to enjoy the sound of a waterfall. We can design a variety of waterfalls – using ponds, pools or streams. We can even create a pondless waterfall with a hidden reservoir for smaller spaces.

Colorfalls and step lights

Or you may want a fountain – from multiple tiers to simple modern choices, our design team can create a custom option that complements your outdoor living area.

Adding an outdoor water feature can help insulate your outdoor living space from noise pollution, and it can also help improve air quality.

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Improve the Quality of Your Life with an Outdoor Water Feature!

Contact the design team at Signature Landscape Design to discuss the perfect water feature for your space.

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