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Nazareth Deck Patio and Landscaping


This property consisted of an old deck with gravel under it that was used for storage.  Down from the deck was only lawn with an area dedicated for utility use.   The terrain consisted of a slight slope away from the house.  The backyard gets full sun and the area can get quite windy however the main direction of wind is blocked from the house and existing evergreen tree buffer on the side yard.   The yard goes back and flattens until it meets the woods  about 200 feet away.  From the deck you can get a nice view of  the surrounding state park and farmland.


Our clients wanted to create a spacious deck that led to a patio area.   They also wanted a space to allow for storage of lawn and sports equipment and a dedicated space for a hot tub and firepit area.


We created a deck design that connected two access doors on the second level of the house.  This created two spaces on the deck connected with 5 foot wide walkway in between those two areas.  The deck steps lead into a large decorative stamped concrete patio.  The vast amount of lawn space let us design a large patio area to allow for adequate space to place a firepit and several seating areas as well as a hot tube area.  With the shape of the house having a lot of nooks and crannies we saw that the house went far back enough to allow for nice size space to build a under deck shed.  We created landscape beds around the patio with with several deer resistant shrubs but also added some perennials to add some color.  We topped off the beds with Delaware River Stone


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