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Lehigh Valley Pool Design


This suburban backyard sits on a corner lot and has an existing aluminum fence surrounding the perimeter.  The backyard has a slight terrain change; the eastern side of the yard sits about 1’ higher than the western side.   Instead of a gradual slope, there is a 20’ long boulder wall that cuts across the yard, defining this terrain.  The entire fenced in backyard is about 40’ deep by 80’ wide.  The house is about 60’ and is centered, giving about 10’ on each side.  An existing pond sits in the southwest corner of the back yard. The western half of the house has an existing deck on the second floor where the posts are wrapped with a brick pillars.


Our clients wanted to transform their backyard into a small resort.  They wanted it to be a place where they can relax and entertain with family and friends. The three areas they wanted to incorporate into the design were: a large, in ground pool; an outdoor kitchen with a bar; and a fireplace.


The three areas were all incorporated into our backyard landscape design.   Providing adequate room between the spaces was crucial.    Designing an outdoor kitchen area to the underside of the deck was able to free up a lot of space, which would allow us to be more creative with the overall master plan.   We were able to design a larger pool than normally expected.   The fireplace area was lowered and covered it with an outdoor pavilion to allow for use rain or snow.  We were also able to keep the pond, enlarge it, and give it a design upgrade by adding lights.

The hardscape design includes over 200 linear feet of wall block at various heights, creating planting beds.  The landscape design includes a combination of small shrubs and perennials that work well in the Lehigh Valley climate.

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