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Breinigsville Two Tier Patio


backyard landscape design with patio and planting beds


This is a three story house where the front entrance is on the second floor and access to the backyard is on the first floor.  The property slopes down dramatically from the front to the back.  The deck is off of the third floor with no access to the backyard.


Our clients were looking to encompass the entire length of the back of the house by adding areas for grilling, dining, storage and a fire pit.  Situated close to neighbors, the property needs some kind of privacy without closing in the yard.  They also wanted to add color around the patio with a focal point.  Other options were lighting and any other add-ons that would complement the space.


Since there is a slight pitch in the backyard, we were able to design for a two tier patio, which is an excellent way to break up spaces.  The largest area that was created was the lower tier of the patio.  We designated the largest area to be used for the dining area since that would require the most space.   We placed the cooking/grilling area just to the one side of the upper tier to allow for easy access to and from the table.  We used tall grasses and tall perennials to surround the grill area.  These plants fill in the area nicely during the grilling season.  The fire pit and seating wall area was installed on the opposite side of the deck.  Behind the fire pit area we added a row of roses that will had fragrance and color all season long.   A boulder wall was installed around a Japanese Maple to add a focal point.  Other fill in plants we used included Heavenly Bamboo, Dianthus, Coral Bells, and Daylilies.  Outdoor lights were added to the wall and the step to enhance the night time ambiance.


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