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A Lehigh Valley Backyard Design


The house was recently built on old farmland in the outskirts of the city.  The backyard has a nice view of the gently rolling hills and woods surround the old farmland.  The lot slopes away from the house in the backyard.  A large detached garage sits at the end of the driveway not too far from the house.  The backyard gets full morning and early afternoon sunlight in areas near the house.   The lot and the house are both larger than most for this area.


Our clients wanted to create a calm and spacious atmosphere for small gatherings and cookouts for family and friends. A focal point water feature was a must and nice size kitchen with plenty of bar space.  They wanted a lot of room on the patio and not clutter it with too much furniture.


We created a large, spacious two tier patio.   The top tier is a transition tier from the house and porch area to the main area.  A walkway from the driveway connects to the top tier.  Even though it is a transition tier, the top tier is still large enough to put a coffee or breakfast area to enjoy the warm morning summer sunrises.  On the bottom, larger portion of the patio, we created two spaces.  The main space is the outdoor kitchen and bar area.  We added a pergola to provide some shade because since this area is so far away from the house it will still get sunlight most of the day.  The other area, on the other side of the patio is a fire pit with a hardscape bench.  In between the two areas we added a colorfalls water feature. The sound and color create the focal point for not only the two sides of the area but is visible from anywhere else on the patio and from inside the house as well.

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