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Raised Planting Beds

Raised bed gardening or landscaping is when the soil is formed in any shape that is six inches to waist high above the surrounding soil.   The bed can be raised by a variety of materials like wood, rock, or concrete block.  Depending on what you are using the bed for will determine the material that will look best and serve its purpose.


Raised beds that are being used for vegetable growing are generally constructed using timber and lined a certain way to create the ideal environment for vegetables to grow.  A raised bed that sits out in the landscape, perhaps near waterfall areas or on hillsides will be constructed using natural stone or boulders.  Areas that we design within the outdoor living area are generally done using decorative concrete block or natural stone.  When we design our outdoor living areas we will sometimes separate areas of different height or separate rooms by designing and installing raised planting beds.  For our customers, we have two options for areas like this.    We generally use Techo Bloc concrete wall block or we will form a concrete wall using concrete cinder blocks and use a cut stone on the face of the wall.  The plants in the planting bed will then “soften up” the hardscape.


Below are few notes when considering installing a raised planting bed:


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