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The daylily has often been termed “the perfect perennial” due to its resistant and attractive flower blooms. Daylilies are actually not considered “true lilies”.  They are part of the genus Hemerocallis meaning “day beauty” in Greek.  Available in a variety of colors, shades, and combinations, daylilies are a vibrant addition to your outdoor living space.  They adapt to a multitude of climates, soil types, and sunlight requirements and are ideal for all planting beds. Drought tolerant and low maintenance, daylilies are a staple of the American landscape

Daylilies bloom spring through fall, dependent on the variety.  Several species are termed “rebloomers,” which means they will flower twice on the same stem in a single season. The months of March and April are ideal to plant a new daylily. Furthermore, existing daylily plants may be split or transferred in springtime. When deciding which location to plant your new perennials consider its most suitable environment.  Daylilies prefer 6 hours of direct sunlight but some thrive in partial shade as well.

Below are some of the most common varieties available. 

Happy Return

Daylily 'Happy Return'

Rosy Returns
Daylily 'Rosy Returns'


Pardon Me

Daylily 'Pardon Me'

Stella D’Oro

Daylily 'Stella D' Oro'

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