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PLANT SPOTLIGHT: Alaskan Weeping Cedar

PLANT SPOTLIGHT: Alaskan Weeping Cedar

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’ is known for its dramatic foliage.  It stands out in the landscape with its weeping branches and unique form.  This is a must have plant in your landscape.

This evergreen tree is slow growing, typically getting about 30’ to 40’ high with a spread of 10’ to 15’.  Despite an upright growth habit of the trunk, rich green colored, scale-like foliage dangles from the branches, giving this tree it’s weeping look.   These weeping branches form a pyramidal shaped tree.

The Alaskan Weeping Cedar grows best in partial shade.  It does better protected from strong winds.  It looks great planted as a single specimen but also looks nice grouped together as a screen or in a mass planting.

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