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Your Dream Kitchen - Outdoors

Your outdoor kitchen. You can see it. The grill, the gas range, the food prep area, the sink, the cabinets, the refrigerator, even the wood-fired pizza oven. It’s the perfect spot for mouth-watering meals with family and friends.

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If you’re concerned your yard is too small for an outdoor kitchen, we promise you’ll be surprised. You don’t need an acre or more to enjoy a beautiful – and functional – outdoor kitchen. Your kitchen can be as big or as small as you need it to be. We’ll scale your design so it makes sense in your outdoor space.

All of our friends raved about our new outdoor kitchen and were impressed with the quality craftsmanship. Rick & Ana from Palmer Township, PA

Outdoor Kitchen Planning

It’s all about the planning. Using quality materials and products, our designer takes into account everything from views, to the path of grill smoke, to privacy and shade areas so you can make the most of the space you have available.

Grills aren’t the only appliance to think about when it comes to your outdoor kitchen. Your kitchen appliance choices depend on your needs and wants. From sinks and gas burners to cabinets and refrigerators, it all depends on what you want to do in your outdoor kitchen.

Custom Kitchen or Kit Kitchen?

You have options. You can choose either a custom-designed kitchen or a paver block kit for your outdoor kitchen. Your choice will depend on the look and shape of kitchen you want. Either choice works perfectly on a stamped concrete base patio.

Signature Landscape Design’s custom-designed kitchens are installed using both natural and manufactured stone or panels. If you want to match a particular color or incorporate an existing stone pattern, the custom option may be your best choice.

Our kitchen kits are available in one style and in a wide variety of unique color blends. These kits are an excellent choice when you are creating matching walls and fire pits in your outdoor living area.

Kitchen Countertops

Once you’ve chosen your kitchen’s stone base, you’ll choose the countertop. Outdoor kitchen countertops come in a variety of different materials and colors.

A countertop can provide multiple design elements in your kitchen. By extending a countertop, we can create a bar area or we can design a custom ledge that elevates a bar space outside the kitchen.

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Get Your Grill On!

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