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Lehigh Valley Curb Appeal


The front yard is wide and flat with a slight downward slope going away from the house in all directions.  The front walkway and stoop was made of regular concrete built when the house was constructed.  A well pipe sticks out of the ground in a very noticeable area close to the front of the house.  The front of the house faces to the east, which means it gets morning sunlight.   Wind comes strong off the mountain from the north.


They wanted to add a new walkway that would match the backyard patio we had installed the previous year.  Surrounding the walkway and in front of the house they wanted to update their current landscape with a similar plan of what we created in the back.  Our client requested two things: try to use the same plants we used in the back of the house while reusing most of the existing plants and to add a defined line between the lawn and the planting beds.


We created a serpentine style walkway that leads from the driveway to the hose and flares out on both end to allow for smooth transition to the front and the driveway.  We did the stamp in textured seamless slate stamped in beige cream color hardener and russet.

The planting beds we created were outlined in a Techo Bloc edging material that mimic existing Techo Bloc walls and features that are in the back.  Using the same materials (and plants) that were used in the backyard creates harmony throughout the entire property.

The front and the back of the house get equal amount of sun and shade.  The front gets the sun in the morning and the back gets the sun in the afternoon.   We tried to use some of the same plants we used in the back or a similar variety of them.  Since the back gets a “hotter sun” in the afternoon and the plants sit further away from the house, the plants we picked for the back were essentially all full sun plants.  The plants in the front would be planted near the house which means they would not only get the “weaker sun” but they would get plenty of more shade during the daytime.

We added a variety of evergreen shrubs and trees with flowering shrubs and perennials mixed in between.  We framed the house with an Alaskan Weeping Cedar to the left and a multi stem heritage birch tree to the right by the driveway.  Some of the plants we added were Weigela, Azalea, Holly, Astilbe, Geranium, Spirea, Hydrangea and Inkberry.  The plants we transplanted included Blue Star Juniper, Gold Juniper, Compact Pfitzer Juniper, Dayliles, Hosta and Knockout Roses.

Our lighting plan included path lights and spot lights for the trees.   The outdoor lighting not only adds interest to the night landscape but also adds an element of safety and security.


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